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We can incorporate cycling into just about any topic within reason, and here are just a few great examples of lessons we have delivered recently:


Victorians Y5/6 

We take a look at the invention of the bicycle pre Victorian times and explore its influence and popularity in Victorian Britain. We highlight it’s role in the emancipation of women and as a tool for business.

45 minute session.


CO2 and the environment Y5/6

We explore how what we do contributes to greenhouse gases and what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

45-60 minute session.


Bike Safety Y1-4

We investigate what we can do to make us safer as cyclists. This will include testing the integrity of helmets with an egg helmet demonstration, and looks at the the use of fluorescents, reflective clothing and lights.

30 minute session.


Instructional Writing Y2-4

This is a hands-on practical demonstration of how to carry out a puncture repair and includes following and writing instructions to complete the task.

45 minute session.


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